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Documenta (13) 2012

diverse locaties
9 juni t/m 16 september 2012
t +49 561 70 72 70
entree € 20 per dag
Since its establishment in 1955, documenta has been regarded as the most important international exhibition of contemporary art. Taking place once every five years for 100 days, the exhibition attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. In June 2012 dOCUMENTA (13) will open in Kassel, with more than 150 artists and participants showcasing new artworks in multiple venues across the entire city, demonstrating how contemporary art can contribute to our understanding of the world.

For 100 days, over 150 artists from 55 countries and other participants from around the world will gather and present artworks, including sculpture, performance, installation, research, archiving and curatorial projects, painting, photography, film and video, text and audio works as well as other objects and experiments in the fields of art, politics, literature, philosophy, and science.

Fridericianum & Friedrichsplatz
Ottoneum & Karlsaue
Orangerie & Karlsaue
Neue Galerie & Documenta Halle

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Adnan, Etel
Akhunov, Vyacheslav
Anastas, Ayreen
Applebroog, Ida
Ashford, Doug
Ault, Julie
Balestrini, Nanni
Bartolini, Massimo
Castillo Deball, Mariana
Critical Art Ensemble
Cruzvillegas, Abraham
Dalí, Salvador
Durham, Jimmie
Faivovich & Goldberg
Faldbakken, Matias
Gabri, Rene
Garcia Torres, Mario
García-Dory, Fernando
Ghani, Mariam
Hoheisel, Horst
Huyghe, Pierre
Jacir, Emily
Kentridge, William
Kurenniemi, Erkki
Link, David
Lombardi, Mark
Malani, Nalini
Penone, Giuseppe
Pentecost, Claire
Prvacki, Ana
Ryan, Paul
Ryggen, Hannah
Sadr Haghighian, Natascha
Song Dong
Toufic, Jalal
Trockel, Rosemarie
Wallace, Ian
Weiner, Lawrence