EXPOSITIE / EXHIBITION Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Van 30-4 t/m 25-6-2006
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Designing Truth

Exhibition in the context of the festival 29th Duisburger Akzente "believe in what?".

Curator: Sabine Maria Schmidt.

The exhibition “Designing Truth” is to be understood as a contribution to the festival “Duisburger Akzente”, the theme of which is “What to believe in”? The festival theme is a reaction to society’s reorientation towards lastingly viable, identity-creating values and patterns of behaviour. At a time of enormous technological and political change, and of global problems in the economic and geopolitical spheres, people are searching – as ever - for order and meaning that can help them to understand the world and determine their behaviour within it.
The exhibition investigates the aesthetic formulation, but also the destruction of truths. On the basis of incisive examples from current artistic production, it will present different strategies concerned with man’s search for meaning, current ways of life, explanatory scientific models, social pledges and promises, but also approaches examining the pleasure in deception.

With: Back & Forth, Daniele Buetti, Jimmy Durham, Jochen Gerz, Knowbotic Research, Sigalit Landau, Mark Lewis, Kris Martin, Rita McBride, Grayson Perry, Michael Richter, Hinrich Sachs.

Exposerende kunstenaar(s) / exhibited artist(s):
Back & Forth - Daniele Buetti - Jimmie Durham - Jochen Gerz - Knowbotic Research - Sigalit Landau - Mark Lewis - Kris Martin - Rita McBride - Grayson Perry - Michael Richter - Hinrich Sachs

Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse 40, D-47051 Duisburg, +49-2032832630, open: di t/m za 11.00-17.00, zo 10.00-18.00, entree € 5,00, tijdens exposities € 6,00
Expositieperiode van 30 april t/m 25 juni 2006