EXPOSITIE / EXHIBITION Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA) Van 30-6 t/m 18-8-2002
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Jim, Jonathan, Kenny, Frances and Sol

Guest curator: Maxine Kopsa.

Jim, Jonathan, Kenny, Frances and Sol is a group exhibition of conceptual art now. It's a group show with 'conceptual outsiders', one might say, a group show about 'conceptual outsiderism'. Participating artists are: Jim Lambie (Glasgow, 1964), Jonathan Monk (Leicester, 1969), Kenny Macleod (Aberdeen, 1967), Frances Stark (Newport Beach, California, 1967) and Sol LeWitt (Hartford, Conneticut, 1928).

All five participating artists, though in different ways, have a strong under-layer of 'potential' in their works, all transfer a feeling of "why not" to the viewer (why not do it or solve your problem this way, or that way). They show the viewer that solutions, be they formal ones, intellectual ones or ones based within an existing (art)historical cadre, can be found via a different route than the obvious thus proving that the obvious is actually a personal choice rather than a general, well-defined and accepted notion. It is in this sense that they show us, the spectators, potential: they open up possibilities and new readings in and of form, thought and history.

But what -exactly- is a 'conceptual outsider' today?: A maker who shakes from the boarders of now, a producer who draws from his immediate domain, a manufacturer of topical stories (borrowed or made-up), onsets towards greater narratives; most importantly, a maker driven, informed by and showing modern incongruities.
Jim, Jonathan, Kenny, Frances and Sol is an expedition into the contemporary incongruous. And seeing as the important stuff once again is happening in and around the outside, up and down the margins, between the divergent and amidst the new crossings Jim, Jonathan, Kenny, Frances and Sol attempts to process these latest encounters. It archives new-fangled unreliability, and presents the current basics. The viewer continues this new logic, streamlining the arisen dialogue, connecting it to what has already become (his/her) common ground. Jim, Jonathan, Kenny, Frances and Sol is thus a handbook that can be used to see and re-see political, social, creative, and aesthetic recent resolutions. In short, it is an exhibition about potential and about the way one can approach reality, passed or present; how we can learn to tweak it, and tweak it in such a way that we realise -hopefully- that we can do and think things differently.

Exposerende kunstenaar(s) / exhibited artist(s):
Jim Lambie - Sol LeWitt - Kenny Macleod - Jonathan Monk - Frances Stark

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA)
Rozenstraat 59, 1016 NN Amsterdam, 020-4220471, open: di t/m zo 11.00-17.00
Expositieperiode van 30 juni t/m 18 augustus 2002