EXPOSITIE / EXHIBITION Museum Ludwig Van 1-6 t/m 30-6-2010
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Saw It, Loved It # 2:
Pots & Paper

When people discover art for themselves love has usually had a hand in it. And when they dedicate themselves seriously to art, the result is a collection that is shaped by that person's own eye, by their aesthetic sensibilities and personal background. This passion for art and this personal interest in collecting led to the founding of the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst. Twenty-five years ago - in 1985 - a group of Rhenish collectors founded the association to help expand Museum Ludwig. The ways that different people collect is the subject of a series of small, almost cameo exhibitions celebrating the association's anniversary. The focus is directed variously to the private collections of an artist, the museum director, the collections of seasoned collectors, as well as those of younger members of the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst.

Works on paper and pots of different kinds are one focus of the Cologne collection on show in the smallest and most intimate room of the the Museum Ludwig in June.
After a selection of Rosemarie Trockel´s private collection it is the second part of the cabinet-like exhibition series „Saw It, Loved It". The series has a look at different approaches of collecting, since the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst was founded 25 years ago by collectors from the Rhineland conscientious about the significance of public collecting. The exhibition „Pots and Paper" shows works of various artists of different generations such as Frank Auerbach (b. 1931 in Berlin, lives in London, UK), Jenny Holzer (b. 1950, lives in the State New York, USA), Raoul de Keyser (b. 1930, lives in Deinze, Belgium), Shozo Michikawa (b. 1953, lives in Tokyo) or David Shrigley (b. 1968, lives in Glasgow). The selected works form an ensemble reflecting the character of the collection so far not shown in public. Before Cologne turned into a centre of contemporary art in the late 1960s the collector acquired a small sculpture by Henry Moore, "for the love of it". With that, she started to bring other works home, until a collection was established that was put together with sensitivity and a wry wink of the eye.

List of the artists: Anonymous (antique), Richard Artschwager, Frank Auerbach, Raoul de Keyser, Lucian Freud, Jenny Holzer, Per Kirkeby, Jan Knap, Andrew Lord, Brice Marden, Shozo Michikawa, Bruce Nauman, Ben Nicholson, Sigmar Polke, Ken Price, David Shrigley, Franz West.

Exposerende kunstenaar(s) / exhibited artist(s):
Richard Artschwager - Frank Helmut Auerbach - Lucian Freud - Jenny Holzer - Raoul De Keyser - Per Kirkeby - Jan Knap - Andrew Lord - Brice Marden - Shozo Michikawa - Bruce Nauman - Ben Nicholson - Sigmar Polke - Kenneth Price - David Shrigley - Franz West

Museum Ludwig
Heinrich-Böll-Platz, D-50667 Köln, +4922122126165, open: di t/m zo 10.00-18.00, 1ste do vd maand tot 22.00 uur, entree € 9,00
Expositieperiode van 1 juni t/m 30 juni 2010