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Overige informatie
The arts make an important contribution to our quality of life, which is why DSM actively seeks to promote the arts in a variety of ways. The DSM Art Collection consists of various works of contemporary art that DSM has purchased over the years. DSM also hosts exhibitions within various DSM office locations and sponsors the Biennial Award for Contemporary Art (BACA) and the Foundation Made in Mirrors.

Background information
We have been building a DSM Art Collection for more than a century and are a member of the Dutch Association for Corporate Art Collections. We also sponsor a major Dutch award for international visual art to support contemporary artists, and we are a partner in an international cultural exchange program.

Dutch Art association
The Dutch Association for Corporate Art Collections is a partnership between a large number of Dutch-based businesses, organizations and institutions that, besides their core activities, collect art. DSM has been a member of this influential association since its foundation in 2005.

Sponsor of the Biennial Award for Contemporary Art
DSM sponsors the Biennial Award for Contemporary Art (BACA) – the leading award for international visual art in the Netherlands. The award is intended as a tribute to an artist for his or her daring oeuvre and visible influence on other (younger) artists.

In November 2010, the BACA International 2010 was presented to Francis Al˙s, a ‘visual poet’ and artist. Al˙s’ work consists of photos, videos, films, and painted works on paper and canvas. A remarkable feature of his work is that he regularly commissions others to execute his works.

Cultural exchange
DSM is a partner in the international cultural exchange program Made in Mirrors. This long-term international cooperative venture was started in 2007 and is dedicated to promoting cooperation between culturally diverse partners by encouraging and enabling the small-scale exchange of creative people (including artists, writers, musicians, architects and philosophers) and their ideas. The Made in Mirrors Foundation is an initiative involving partners in the Netherlands, Brazil, China and Egypt.

Exposities (komt/future nu/now voorbij/past)
Bart Koetsier
15/12/2012 - 15/1/2013
Wolfgang Flad
1/8/2011 - 30/9/2011
The Bright Art Exhibition
1/8/2011 - 30/9/2011
Hans Wilschut
1/4/2011 - 15/5/2011
Niki de Saint Phalle: The Bright Art
1/4/2011 - 15/5/2011
Ni Haifeng
15/7/2010 - 15/9/2010
Desiree Dolron, Rineke Dijkstra en Folkert de Jong
15/7/2010 - 15/9/2010
Jeroen van Bergen: Toilet modulair
12/2/2010 - 28/5/2010
Bárbara Wagner: MIM series
1/8/2009 - 31/10/2009
Koen Vermeule
1/7/2009 - 30/9/2009
Jowan van Barneveld: Echoes
26/1/2009 - 27/2/2009
Wolfgang Flad
7/1/2009 - 27/2/2009
Teun Hocks
15/12/2008 - 26/1/2009
Ton Slits
16/6/2008 - 4/8/2008
Koen Delaere
17/6/2008 - 31/7/2008
Fash*onClash Brazil
11/5/2007 - 19/8/2007
Birgitta van Drie
27/3/2007 - 7/5/2007
Wim Claessen
9/3/2007 - 7/5/2007
Rik Meijers
19/1/2007 - 5/3/2007
Esther Janssen
16/1/2007 - 26/2/2007
Bas de Wit: Fijne Vleeswaarden
8/4/2006 - 11/6/2006
Winnie Teschmacher
11/11/2005 - 9/1/2006
Birgitt Derks
10/10/2005 - 3/12/2005
25 tronen voor Beatrix
3/8/2005 - 18/8/2005
Marnix Goossens
14/6/2005 - 30/7/2005
Ed Gebski
23/5/2005 - 2/7/2005
Ruud van Empel
28/2/2005 - 11/4/2005
Jan van Munster
15/11/2004 - 9/1/2005
Sidi El Karchi
7/9/2004 - 17/11/2004
Maurice Mentjens
13/9/2004 - 12/11/2004
Hans Lemmen
14/6/2004 - 16/7/2004
Fransje Killaars
28/5/2004 - 1/7/2004
Hadassah Emmerich
5/1/2004 - 15/2/2004
Simone van Bakel
17/11/2003 - 16/1/2004
Jürgen Reichert
28/10/2003 - 2/1/2004
Wim Caus
15/9/2003 - 7/11/2003
Menno Jonker
4/9/2003 - 17/10/2003
DSM Art Collection in het Glaspaleis
26/9/2002 - 8/12/2002
Le Carnaval des Animaux d’Or ou la Naissance de l’Idole
26/9/2002 - 8/12/2002

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