Mirķ Foundation / Fundaciķ Joan Mirķ
Parc de Montjuīc, s/n  Plattegrond via Google
E-08038 Barcelona, Spanje
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F +34-933-298609
di t/m za 10.00-19.00 (okt-jun)
di t/m za 10.00-20.00 (jul-sep)
zo 10.00-14.30

Overige informatie
Espai 13
From the outset, the Joan Mirķ Foundation has paid special attention to the work of young experimental artists, who have their own exhibition area — the Espai 13.
The programming for the Espai 13 is organised in cycles that coincide with the academic year, from October-June. The artists are selected by the curator of each cycle, who is unconnected with the Foundation and is generally an art critic. This method not only favours the work of young artists, but also encourages the new generation of art critics.
The idea of each exhibition developing around the central theme of each cycle gives a sense of coherence and purpose to the artists involved.
The special features of the exhibition space, with its somewhat industrial atmosphere, is ideal for presenting very varied types of work.
The exhibitions in the Espai 13 are usually accompanied by a small leaflet with illustrations of the pieces and texts in Catalan, Spanish and English.

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