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LUX Photo Gallery (2008)
Zwanebloemlaan 318  Plattegrond via Michelin Plattegrond via Google
1087 KE Amsterdam, Nederland
M 06-51147503
By appointment

Contact: Lars Boering

Photography, books and Special Editions

Overige informatie
LUX Photo Gallery, a company by Lars Boering, is an art dealer specialized in photography
We sell prints, books and special editions to collectors worldwide. Those interested in viewing additional work other than presented on the website are invited to visit the Gallery and view our inventory of prints on a widescreen HD monitor.

Books and prints by:
Dave Anderson USA
Jonas Bendiksen Norway/Magnum Photos
Bob Bronshoff Netherlands
Giacomo Brunelli Italy
Rena Effendi Azerbaijan/Photographers.ru
Eddo Hartmann Netherlands
Robert Knoth Netherlands
Ilse Schrama Netherlands
Lana Šlezic Canada
Carin Verbruggen Netherlands
Willem Poelstra Netherlands
Exposities (komt/future nu/now voorbij/past)
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Vaste kunstenaars
Dave Anderson - Jonas Bendiksen - Bob Bronshoff - Giacomo Brunelli - Rena Effendi - Lucia Ganieva - Eddo Hartmann - Jeroen Hofman - Oleg Klimov - Robert Knoth - Ferit Kuyas - Masha Osipova - Willem Poelstra - Elliot Ross - Ilse Schrama - Lana Slezic - Jeroen Toirkens - Carin Verbruggen.

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