Huang Yan  (1966)

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The saying ‘who has never been to the Chinese wall is not a real man’ shows the importance of the wall for the Chinese people. It is not just an symbol of isolation, it has become a very emotional subject for all Chinese. Nevertheless the wall has become a major tourist attraction for mainly western tourists. Even Chinese people tend to forget the historical and political relevance of this magnificent monument.. This monument is the subject of a new series of photographic works by Huang Yan. The body becomes a feature in the landscape which emphasizes the grandness of the Chinese wall. In the images time seems to come to a standstill and past and present are merged together.
In 2006, Huang Yan had a very successful solo exhibition at V!P’s International Art Galleries. His work has since been part of several group exhibitions in the Netherlands and has become part of many international contemporary art collections.

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Selfportrait, 2008

nr. 3, 1999, 81 x 108 cm
Eduard Planting Gallery | Fine Art Photographs

Shan-shui tattoo 3
Galerie Wilms

Shan-shui tattoo 2
Galerie Wilms

Shan-shui tattoo 1
Galerie Wilms

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Willem Kerseboom Gallery

Pinaster Landscape

Dismantle Landscape 1